Friday, January 9, 2009

My Moroccan Mailing Address

So, for the first 11 weeks (in-country training)* I will be receiving mail at the following address:

Amber Shiel, Trainee
s/c Corps de la Paix
2, rue Abou Marouane Essaadi
Agdal, Rabat 10100, MOROCCO

It normally takes 10-12 days for an airmail letter to arrive from the United States. Surface mail takes from 1-4 months. Mail that goes through the Moroccan post office is subject to customs inspection, censorship, and currency control. If you decide to send me packages (very much appreciated, I'm sure!), brown padded envelopes work well. Make sure that they are marked with a green customs stamp and are labeled as gifts, which should prevent the imposition of fees. Mail delivery is sporadic, so don't worry if my letters to you don't get there in a timely or consistent matter. Which reminds me, I'm now accepting mailing addresses from anyone who wants to get letters! I look forward to yours!**

*After training, I will have a local address at my as of yet to be determined project site. I'll keep you posted.
**Since it could take a while to get your letters, it might be nice if you sent some before I left, so that I could have them when I get there.

Welcome to blog.

So, I haven't left yet, but I wanted to set this up before I left. ETD: March 4th (how symbolic--March forth!)